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You've probably heard many different stories about the founding of Black Lives Matter and how it's impacting America today. Hy Thurman of the North Alabama School of Organizers goes straight to the source with a candid conversation with one of BLM's founders, Alicia Garza. More information on NASO including upcoming classes at


Podcast Edited by Ben Jobe and Mastering by Spice Rack Studios.

Intro and Outro music "Early Morning Get Down" by Hunter Copeland

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With the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment fast approaching, Madison County Archivist Shalis Worthy joins Huntsvillain to discuss the fight for suffrage in North Alabama and nationwide. We also grieve some words lost to history like "Enfangle", name some strange biological artifacts from the Madison County Archive and of course deep dive into the lives of those who fought for the rights of women in Alabama.

A link to Suffrage era political cartoons:

Credit: Palczewski, Catherine H. Postcard Archive. University of Northern Iowa. Cedar Falls, IA.

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Spice up your Sunday with some Bonafide Gospel Trash, that's right it's The Go-Go Killers live recorded at Spice Rack Studios.
We even get to sit down with Alabama Sharp and the gang during the break to talk Theramin, Tattoos and the normal rites and rituals that go along with a go-go killers show. Today's episode is dedicated to Sophia the guitar, disemboweled live on Spice Radio but someone finished out the show!

We hear the tracks "Filthy as Sin", "Until You're Dead", "When Destruction Comes to Town", "I-565" and "Planet Fuck". Mixing by Mike Prosper Mastering by Spice Radio Huntsville

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March 27, 2020

Spicecast #194 - Tyler AK

The AK in Tyler AK stands for Alaska, originally out of anchorage the warm hearts and minds of the valley have kept the original rock and blues musician grounded neatly in the south. Tyler had plenty to talk about his journey from the far north all the way to the valley including his time playing in Seattle, his favorites spots to gig down south, names for his many guitars and some ways to cook Alaska's favorite fish Halibut. We hear three live tunes including "That Girl", "Thinking About You" and "The Coffee Shop".

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February 25, 2020

Spicecast #193 - Groove Yard

Last year we had the good fortune of interviewing a passel of local jazz legends about their jazz-funk project titled Groove Yard. Chip Gulbro, Keith Taylor, Chris Ferguson and Bryan Williams all make up the masterful squad that brought four live tracks to Spice Rack Studios. You can hear the entire album online on their Spotify. Our interview covers bass face, Latin music's influence on other genres and how jazz influences pop culture today. We hear four tracks live recorded at the Spice Rack including "49 Days", "Monte Sano Rain", "Lazio Rising" and "Soul Men".

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On This month's Red Magic Imports we've got everything from face melting noise rock to funk from Japan and everything in between. Salina Brilla brings us music from Go Go Killers and Obed Edom who're playing the benefit show for Chris Fanning Feb 22 at Shagnasty's. We also hear music from Genki Genki Panic playing Sagnasty's March 7th, Possessed by Paul James and a special treat from Otonana Trio making their return to Huntsville on March 1st at Mario's in 5 points. 

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At the Bell Tavern on the evening of August 7th 1820 Reuben Turner and Thomas Logwood were drinking heavily. A horseback battle later that evening ends with one man mortally wounded and another barricading himself in the courthouse, but don't worry EVERYONE get's to wave a knife. The story became one of the first big news stories of the day with a special running in the Alabama Republican Newspaper focusing only on this case.

We also get a peak into Tennessee Valley resident's menu of the time which consisted of a pile of bacon, salted pork and you can polish that off with whiskey soaked bread and a tall glass of milk.

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Salina Brilla has a whole host of new shows to talk about, poetry and of course awesome music to play on this month's Red Magic Imports. Don't miss a free show at Mario's in five points January 26th all ages! Also January 31st at Sidetracks check out Hillbilly Casino and Taco Mouth, and finally February 22nd Shagnasty's will be hosting a benefit show for Chris Fanning featuring Bleaker, Obed Edom, Bluesy and Slewfoot, and the Go-Go Killers. Tune in and go see some shows Huntsville!

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January 17, 2020

Spiecast #192 - X.Y. Spaces

Defying all genre X.Y. Spaces are the high energy heavy band ready to defy your expectations. Dan nestled up close to Brady, Jonathan, Alex and Heath to talk about their single "Thanks", stories from the road and their podcast "This Podcast Could Take Forever". Tracks included in today's Podcast include "Mutoid Boy", "Thanks", "Day 14", and "Tool Time". 

This show mixed and mastered by Solo Monk and edited by Ben Jobe. 

February 29th we'll be live streaming their show with Joe Canada and Camping in Alaska at Straight to Ale! As always X.Y Spaces 

Check out their awesome Music Video featuring Cut Throat Freakshow here:

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On October 29th 2019 local activists Courtney Brown and Emily Canfield sat down and produced an hour long podcast on the state of reproductive rights and locally accessible resources in the state of Alabama. This was the result. 

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