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At our first ever on location Spicecast in front of a live audience it's Lamont Landers Band! When they're not playing the Apollo Theater or Lamont's not jamming out on America's Got Talent they're serving up soul and funk music all over the south-east. We got treated to a huge variety of original tunes and a titillating interview including but not limited to; Lamont's wardrobe malfunctions, backstage with Steve Harvey and a strange addiction to cinnamon sugar. Be sure to grab the interview and tracks now! We hear "Easy", "Love and Lust" and an Untitled Jam.

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November 27, 2019

Red Magic Imports - Nov 2019

Put the Turkey knife down and go wake up grandma, It's a new episode of Red Magic with Salina Brilla of DIY Live. This month we hear music from Free Range, Gasoline Tank, Flood Reactor, Saint Chris, and the Piss Poor Players. Salina also gives us the lowdown on her next DIY event coming up Dec 13th at Shagnasty's featuring Saint Chris, The Franken Fucks, and Broken Mask.


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November 22, 2019

Spicecast #190 - Black Tupelo

Electric blues and Honky-Tonk extraordinaires Black Tupelo joined us at Spice Rack Studios in North Alabama. They play music built to travel you through time to an earlier period of Rock'n'Roll History. Check out the full interview and tracks from Black Tupelo on today's Spicecast! Tracks include: "Time Travel Love", "What More Can I Do", "Don't Be Evil" and "Up to the River".
Tracks mixed by Chris Ghea and Mastered by Spice Rack Studios.
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October is domestic violence awareness month and this episode of Red Magic Imports features music from 3 bands participating in a fundraiser on Oct 25th at Shagnasty's for Crisis Services of North Alabama which helps victims by providing shelter and legal aid. We hear music from The Dirty Scavengers, Brewster and Bone Zone as well as an original spoken word poetry from Salina on her personal experience with domestic Violence. 

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Dan Bullard of Spice Radio sat down with Charles "Toot" Snoddy to discuss his 50 year plus career in music and to get his take on acoustics.

Toot takes us through building his first console from scratch to the cheapest and easiest ways to build bass traps and treat rooms acoustically. 

Sound Science is a new mini-series distributed by Spice Radio where we interview veterans, visionaries and professionals about the science and functionality of sound design.

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We sat down with Hunter Copeland's Band after an amazing live set in Spice Rack Studios. Our interview took place right before their big CD release party and Straight to Ale. Hunter, John, Bobby, Shelly and Scot get into the nitty gritty of producing their album, the way they prefer to form their compositions and of course all their adventures along the way. We also hear the tracks: "The Boom Boom Room", "Adam and the Bull", "Early Morning Git Down" and "Bob's Jam".

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September 12, 2019

Red Magic Imports Sept. 2019

Queen of the hardcore scene Salina Brilla is back with another installment of Red Magic Imports! This month we hear music from Stuck Lucky, Bridge City Sinners, Lightnin Luke, King Strang, and The Golden Flakes. Salina and Matt Green are also starting a new Youtube show called DIY Live where they record and interview bands right from the comfort of their own shows! Check it out the first one will be Sept 20th at Shagnasty's Feat. Big Gaping Holes, Jonny and The Black Frames, Stuck Lucky and The Golden Flakes!

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Have you ever wanted to see a disgraced dead president shred? Well Friendly Finger Men is here to deliver that and more! Fighting the power one song at a time, these guys will melt your face while delivering a warning about all the corrupting forces in our society. Wearing masks and kicking ass, this band delivers a whirlwind live performance you don't want to miss! They were kind enough to sit with us for a in studio performance and interview. You can watch the live streamed version of it here

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Enigmatic, atmospheric and catchy. Three words to describe Silver Fern, the new shoe-gaze outfit out of Huntsville Alabama. Shannon, Steven, Jacob and Stone came by Spice Rack studios to play a live set featuring four tracks off their self title EP.

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August 21, 2019

Spicecast #186 - Drop Diver

Drop Diver is a cosmic mash up of styles and sounds combining to form energetic and powerful rock'n'roll. We sat down with four of the divers before their show at Salty Nut Brewery, our conversation ranged from Nardwar's TED Talk to how to party on a House Boat. We also hear four tracks from their live performance including "Key to Your Heart", "Serious as I Can Be", "Under the Influence" and "Drive-In Movie Blues".

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