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Spice Radio Huntsville is a podcast and internet radio station devoted to the best original music and content from the Tennessee Valley and Huntsville Alabama.


James G. Birney is one of the few self-professed abolitionists from the Deep South and specifically Alabama. His life and work provides an insight into the evolving American attitudes towards slavery and its moral failings from the 1790’s to his death immediately prior to the Civil War. Birney was a deeply imperfect man and his path from slaveholder to first Presidential candidate for the anti-slavery Liberty Party traces a strange path across American politics in the Antebellum.

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Red Magic rides again! Salina will tell you all the neatest shows not to miss at Copper-top this March and even has samples from some of the upcoming acts.
Check out tracks from Dave Cunningham "Before I Go" R.I.P., Aether Realm "The Tower", The Outside Voices "Bourbon in Bed", and finally Dead Selves "Alive at Last".
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If Walter Cagle were alive today he might have had something to say about this week's "Snowpocalypse". The headline "500 Pound Weather Prophet of Boaz Dies" was the first clue that pulled John into the fascinating story of Walter Cagle. After suffering a mysterious illness that left him in a temporary coma Walter began observing local wildlife and predicting the weather, priceless information for farmers of the Tennessee Valley. Walter's fame grew readily with the help of newspaper stories. He eventually shared front page with the Spanish Civil War and the succession crisis of the English Empire.

Check out John's blog on the topic for more information on Walter on the blog https://huntsvillain.wordpress.com/2015/12/23/walter-is-coming/

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Subjects on today's podcast include how to heat your tour van with friction, the best stretches to tackle before a gig and a few of their secret recipes! We also hear four total tracks from The World Forgot "Ghost to Ghost", "Night Shift", "Train Dodger" and "Carl Sagan Spoke of the Yawning Black Infinite".

BONUS how to cook a Zomlette -

- Cook two "Crappy" frozen pizzas from your favorite grocery and cook halfway

- Fry up an omelette with ingredients to taste but DO NOT fold

- Place omelette on top of first pizza and flip the second pizza and place on top

- Enjoy with Miller High Life

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On today's Episode of the Livin' Easy Podcast Shelby and Co-Host Owlses (of Dead Rothschilds) talk to Deondre from Trash Cats, Solo Monk and Josh of Hunnivega. Check out the show this Saturday 9pm at Sidetracks, the show features Dead Rothschilds, Trashcats and Solo Monk!

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Salina's got music from near and far on this episode of Red Magic Imports! Check out tracks from locals Solo Monk and Savant Harde as well as travelers You Shot Dead, Radical Operations and Doc Rotten. And be sure to submit your own tunes to Coppertop's facebook if you're interested in grabbing a show or know an awesome band that needs gigs!

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We start up today's episode by defining "Wook Culture" so you can guess how deep today's Spicecast goes! We talk to the Silver Silo's about practice time rituals, how their tracks get conceived and for some reason the guys start throwing their wedding rings on the ground... We also get to hear four originals from the guys including "The Letter", "Last Night's Dream", "You Can't Be What You Ain't If That Ain't What You Is" and "Whiskey and Water".

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Another day to live easy with Shelby and Friends! Shelby gives us the low-down on the upcoming Solo Artists Get-Down next Friday the 18th at Coppertop, Charles "Chuck" Taylor is on hand to play a new track "Told Ya So", David roots out some interesting busker stories from charles and talks about Foot Pound Force's upcoming plans. Don't miss a spin of Foot Pound Force's Self Driven at the end of the podcast!

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Spice Radio and Livin Easy Artist Collective have teamed up to bring you a brand new bi-weekly podcast! The Livin Easy Podcast is hosted by Shelby Butler of Livin Easy Productions and features interviews with artists and influencers from all over.

On this first episode we feature up and coming hip-hop duo Dead Rothchilds and Jam tour de force Cosmic Shift from Nashville.

You can catch Cosmic Shift on Dec. 28 at Voodoo Lounge. Dead Rothchilds will be at Copper Top on January 4th with Charles Taylor, Dylan Sloan, and Solo Monk! 

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On August 13th, 1828 11 enslaved people sued two white men for their freedom in the court of Huntsville Alabama. This was one of only two court cases John O'Brien has ever found that included enslaved people as litigants and not as property.

Today's case covered a vast expanse of 1800's civil rights including a women's right to property and "Manumission" -where a slave owner willingly frees their slaves usually upon their death. We also discuss the documentation required of free black people during the era.

Find the blog at https://huntsvillain.wordpress.com/ for more tales of Alabama or catch us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/huntsvillain

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